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    Default Farm equipment using kband

    Have you guys ran into Farm equipment giving off kband signals?

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    Default Re: Farm equipment using kband

    High accuracy, low speed doppler effect radar and signal conditioning circuit useful in agricultural applications
    Document Type and Number:
    United States Patent 6081224

    A control system for a mobile planting apparatus which permits discrete plant spacing to be determined and maintained independent of wheel rotation on the planting apparatus having: (1) a ground speed sensor wherein the rate of movement relative to the ground is determined independent of wheel rotation of the planting apparatus; (2) an input/display device for inputting desired plant spacing; (3) a variable speed motor for driving seed metering devices on the planting apparatus at varying rates independent of wheel rotation of the planting apparatus, wherein the motor changes speeds in response to an electronic signal; (4) a programmable control circuit communicating electronically with the input/display device and ground speed sensor, wherein the programmable control circuit: (a) determines the number of seeds to be dispensed per unit distance based on the desired spacing received from the input/display device; (b) determines the distance traveled based on electronic signals from the ground speed sensor; and (c) determines the rate at which the variable speed motor should operate in order to achieve the desired plant spacing, and sends an electronic signal to the variable speed motor to effect the desired plant spacing
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    Default Re: Farm equipment using kband

    That must be it, thats why I get these kband hits in farm country and nobody around.

    Trains seem to give off kband too THX



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