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    Default Difference in sensitivity on 985???

    Just curious if there really is a sensitivity difference betweeen Highway and City on the Bel 985?

    I just passed a stationary "Your Speed Is" K band station with the City All mode on. I forgot to change it to Highway as I normally do. Anyways I got the same distance of .4 mile detection with both settings. The only difference I noticed was the City mode Auto-mutes after about 10 secs after going off.

    Is there really a sensitivity difference or is it just and audio/warning difference?

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    There is on X band. Or as my detector says, "Bando Icks".

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    With most detectors, City mode only affects X band sensitivity or warning threshold, not K band.
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    I have turned X off as it's not used in the state. The setting it was on was City All, not City X. Sorry for not posting this before.

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    It should, but realisticly you can only see a significant pickup in sensitivity when traveling at fast highway speeds, only then do you get an extra second or two of alert notice but at highway speed that is significant, just does not show in the milage.

    I believe the "modes" are more usefull to filter out false signals, rather than increase sesitivity and give you more reaction time.

    Next time, as a more real world measurment, measure the alert in a unit of time (seconds), rather than distance.



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