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    Default What's a new Bel 965 look like?


    I traded in my Cobra for a Bel 965 at Circuit City this week. Seems like a good unit. I still get falses on it, but I feel a little more confident about being warned with enough warning. It cost me more, but I think it's worth it. I do miss the Cobra's compass though.

    Anyway, I think that they might have sold me an open box detector. Maybe not on purpose, but I think it's been opened before. Like maybe someone returned it as unopened.

    I think this because there are scratches on the front and back of the unit. On the front, there's an abrasion mark. The cords came in a bag that was packed in the zip up case, but the bag was open. The bag for the instruction manual was also open.

    Does this sound right, or is something amiss? I was also looking at their 955s. They had two on the shelf, and both boxes were definitely opened before. Plus, the boxes were beat to hell.

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    I've never used or seen a 965 in action. But after seeing a top-of-the-line Cobra perform, I know you have a better detector now.




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