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    Default GX-65 Auto Dimmer Freaking Out / Heat?

    The first time was in the parking garage at work. I didnt remember turning my unit off as the display was blank. I went to turn it on and it was already.
    I unplugged it and then plugged it back in and turned it on. Display was still blank. I started driving home and the display came back on.

    Today, I park and eat at Burger King for 20 minutes and leave the GX on the window mount. I come out and the display is off.....after closer inspection it was suuuuuper dim. I put my hands around it to see it better and it got brighter.
    It appeared that the sensor was acting light it would go dark and in the dark it would light up. The unit itself was quite hot from being in the sun.

    Anyone else have problems with this? It was in the autodimmer setting.

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    Default Re: GX-65 Auto Dimmer Freaking Out / Heat?

    i bought my dad the same radar.... he hasnt had any issues wit it... maybe u should call bel or read the manual... to c if there is a autodim feature.....cause
    Ive neva heard of 1...

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    Default Re: GX-65 Auto Dimmer Freaking Out / Heat?

    Seems to auto dim for me.



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