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    Default New STI - Looking for input

    Well I have been a long time V1 user, but have had my eye on the STi ever since it's release. However due to the laundry list of things that the STi seemed to have wrong with it I decided to hold off. Well I have been away from the hobby for a while and just popped back by to see what is going on and I see a bunch of good posts on the firmware updates, and what appears to be fixes for the list of things that were wrong with the STi. So it looks good enough for me to now give it a try and see how well this RD performs. So I just ordered a new STi online. It should be here in a few days.

    My question is how do I check the firmware on this unit when it arrives and do you recommend that I send it into Belscort right away to get the latest and greatest firmware on it? What are the known issues at this point in time with the unit that I should be aware of? Your thoughts and feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    Firstly, congratulations on your new purchase. I think you are really going to enjoy it. Regarding the firmware, it all depends on where you bought it from. Any major dealer should be sending you fresh stock, especially on something as popular as the STI

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    Default Re: New STI - Looking for input


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    Default Re: New STI - Looking for input

    I hope you got it from an authorised online dealer.

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    Default Re: New STI - Looking for input

    Thanks guys. Yes, I purchased from an authorized dealer. My STi showed up today. It looks like it was made 0909. So it looks like a fairly recent build.

    I see folks list their firmware version at times. Is there a list someplace on the forum that explains the major firmware revisions and what was affected in them? What is the latest and greatest? Is there a way to see that in my STi?

    My first impressions as a V1 owner when opening the box of the STi is quite impressed. The package is very impressive, nice metal case with molded inserts for everything and has a lock on it. I found the online registration card and was able to register my STi online that also is very nice and quick. The STi is bigger than I expected, and it is quite heavy. I was surprised by this. It feels very solid and like a professional piece of equipment. I am looking forward to taking it out on the road to play this weekend.

    Thanks gain for the feedback and info. As always this forum is excellent.


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    Default Re: New STI - Looking for input

    Do a factory reset to display firmware. To do so hold down the volume and sens buttons while you power up the unit. It will flash reset and the firmware version will follow. ex reset a4 m9.
    Congrats on your purchase.

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    Default Re: New STI - Looking for input

    I would check with Belscort to ensure the firmware is fully up to date with the rampup and bug fixes.

    The only thing you will miss with the STi are the arrows. Otherwise, you will be amazingly pleased with the STi's results.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: New STI - Looking for input

    No need to check with Bel. Any STi manufactured in 2009 definitely has the latest firmware with the audio ramp-up fix.

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    Default Re: New STI - Looking for input

    Cant wait for your thoughts on the STI---I have been thinking about getting another detector to go along with my V-1......

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    Default Re: New STI - Looking for input

    Ok, Thanks to MEM-TEK and his instructions I made the double loop velcro mount next to my rearview mirror and mounted the STi and took it out for a spin. First observation is that the mount for the STi isn't nearly as useful or flexible as as the V1 mount, but it will do. Next observation is that the internal speaker in the STi isn't very loud. When I turned it all the way up it started to sound a little ragged so I backed it down just off of full volume just to be safe.

    I left it on autoscan and took it for a loop down to the local strip mall streets and a short run on the highway. The typical K bank strip mall alarms that I get were detected by the STI, and pretty much in the same places that the V1 picks them up. So sensitivity appears to be pretty good. Then the advantages of the STi started to show. Once it detects the K band door openers it did automatically starts to auto mute, and then left the alarm status on the DC plug cord, but didn't alarm. I know we can program the V1 to do this, but I find interesting that the STi starts off this way out of the box. Overall I would say that the STi for around town will be a lot quieter than the V1 in how it handles alarms.

    No arrows and no bogey counter leaves me feeling hesitant and naked when the STi starts to alert. I like knowing where the threat is coming from and how many so that will take some getting used to. So I think I will have to play around with the tech mode so that i can see the types and number of threats. For around town in areas that I am familiar that might not be that big of a deal. I will find out over the next few weeks as I get used to the STi.

    Observation, the STi is HOT! No, not that kind of hot, I mean this thing gets very toasty warm to the touch. It is no wonder Bel went to the magnesium case. I have to wonder how that will affect the longevity of the detector with it getting this warm. I guess time will tell.

    At this point my intended use of the STi will be for my around town local driving and any time I am in the district of corruption or Virginia. I may have to mount up the external speaker to make it usable when listening to music, ipod, CB etc. So I will have to give that some consideration when I have the hardwire kit installed over the next few weeks.

    How have you guys dealt with the low volume/poor speaker in the STi? Has anyone had any issues with the STi overheating?




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