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    Default New RX65 user - questions

    Hi everyone,

    I just picked up a used RX65. I was just wondering if you guys always take down your RDs when you park. I park in a shady area at school. Will it still get damaged? It seems like a hassle to take it down and put it back up everytime you get in and out of your car but I guess I'm just being lazy.

    I'll probably have more specific questions related to the RX65 once I get to mess with it a bit. Thanks guys.

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    Default Re: New RX65 user - questions

    I often left mine up, tough to see since it was above the RVM and tinted windows. I took it down depending on the location I was in. I would recommend taking it down if you're in a shady area, especially at night.

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    Default Re: New RX65 user - questions

    I meant shady area as in not much sunlight. But you're right, I forgot about theft.

    If it's left in the sun, will it get damaged?

    Also, how's your 1er?

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    Depends on where you live, I'm in Florida and it can get over 120F in my car in the summertime. I usually take it down and pop it in my console when I'm going to be parked. I wouldn't leave an RD out in the open in a school for theft reasons, though.

    If it's a brand new RX-65 you have the M4 antenna so make sure you have it tilted DOWN about 10-15 degrees, it adds about 10% to your range. See MEM-TEK's posts on this.

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    Default Re: New RX65 user - questions

    Since I tint on my truck (no it's not legal shade)... i njust leave my RX65 on the windshield.... even if im n the sun.... i haven't had 1 mechanical issue in the 2 yrs i have owned my radar.... from being out in the sun or being to hot...



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