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    Default Thinking about Bel995

    Hey, first post here. But been lurking for a few weeks.

    A few weeks ago my friend bought a Whistler 1650 series off ebay and it sparked my interest in radar detectors. He let me barrow it for a week, and wow, I didnt realize what I was missing. It typically doesnt go off until a cop with radar on is in sight but anyways...

    I have decided to get one of my own... I've been looking at the Bel995 and what are your opinions on it? Mainly why I've been looking at that one is because I dont really want it to be obsolete when the Ku band is deployed. Also I'm looking where it'l at least last me about 3-4 years.. if thats possible? Its going to be about 2 weeks until I make my final decision but any insight would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Bel V995 is a great detector my has saved me countless times

    Spoiler: show

    Radar Detectors-V1 & BEL v995
    Laser Jammer-Laser Interceptor Quad
    GPS Camera Locator-Cheetah C100
    GPS Nav-Garmin nuvi w/Trapster
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    Scanner-RS Pro-96

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    Yeah its a really good detector. One of the best today.
    You won't be dissapointed, espically if u thought that whistler was great

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    Thanks for the input. Now being in minnesota it gets really cold in the winter... wise idea to take it out of the car when not in use right???

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    first of all, i love the v995. it hasnt got the chance to save me yet but it gave me a mile warning of a speed sign over a mini hill and around a corner so i'm happy.

    i always take mine in with me, especially when i'm at school. if your just running into the store for a few minutes, put it in the glove box. otherwise, take it in in the winter. i think it would be fine in the cold but you never want to take a chance when its that much money . i live in wisconsin and i know it gets COLD in the winter sometimes :!:



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