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    Default -----STI-R False laser alert ???-----

    Hi guys....Last Saturday was driving just over the limit and got a Laser Alert for nothing.....No cops ahead nothing..The next Monday, another one...I am a bit confused. I just changed my R for another one that had the ramp up fix...Is it defective? Has anyone ever experienced this...

    I'm really looking into Jammers....


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    Default Re: -----STI-R False laser alert ???-----

    yeah i get false laser alerts with mine occasionally. it's pretty sensitive to laser.
    if my jammers aren't going off i ignore it unless it continues.
    haven't really narrowed it down to any specific time of day or anything.

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    Default Re: -----STI-R False laser alert ???-----

    Were there any Infiniti or Lexus SUVs coming toward you?

    Were you driving into the sun?

    Going through a toll booth?

    These are things that sometimes cause laser falses. I don't have experience with the STi-R but my RX65 can false if I'm driving toward the sun early in the morning. Infiniti and Lexus SUVs with adaptive cruise control will set off my V1.
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    Default Re: -----STI-R False laser alert ???-----

    This is most likely an electrical issue where the STI-R is accepting interference from the car. I get falses from the sun a lot but it is at specific times in the morning or evening and there is light "pulsing" - for example from the cables on a suspension bridge.

    Does it happen when you do something specific? When I first installed my STi-R I put the receiver cable almost on top of the wire that goes to the horn.
    Every time I used the horn I got a laser alert. I moved the cable away from the horn and no issue.

    My wife's miata has the Zr3s and when I first installed it certain detectors (GX-65 and RX-65) would alert to laser as soon as we hit about 4500 RPMs. I added some ferrite coils to the cables by the firewall and near the detector and it took care of the problems. Friend had a similar problem with a hardwired 9500i and we changed the power supply to another circuit and that solved the problem.

    Try to move the wires in the engine bay or get some ferrite coils (or both).

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    Default Re: -----STI-R False laser alert ???-----

    The first things which I would do is to check that the ground connection is really solid. Then I would check for a solid power connection. If power is tapped into the fuse box, perhaps moving the power connection to a fuse box terminal which has a higher amp fuse might solve the problem. I always like to tap into fuses which are 10A, 15A or 20A since the cables for these terminal positions are thicker and this usually means less electrical noise.



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