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    I have an RX65 unit, that I have had for years now, this however is something new (that's on the display) that I've never seen before and wanted to know if anyone knows what it is.

    I noticed about 200 yards from my house, that the radar was going off with an X3 on the display, this is nothing unusual. There is a cop station close by and various home alarms that set it off. What was unusual is that every other beep, the 3 was replaced with a small red circle at the top.

    So it'd go: X3-X*,X3,X*, etc, etc.

    What's up with that circle and what does it mean???


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    Reset the unit. I'm guessing its a firmware screw-up.

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    The circle means that your RX65 is detecting a flying saucer which, under normal circumstances, are only detected by Cobra radar detectors which are pointed towards the sky.

    Seriously, do a firmware reset.

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    Hold down the 2 buttons under program and power the unit on, right? I did that and it seems to have gone away, I'd just never seen it before, and is rev 6.3 the newest one, or is there another firmware revision again that's newer?




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