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    Default bel super wide band with laser plus

    high ! and thanks for taking time and intrest to read or assist me. my comrade thinks i needed some help watching my butt,due to my " drive it like you stole it attitude" , and gave me a bel super wide band w/ laser plus. my problem...? i dont know the first thing on using it. what do the letters and #'s mean that show up on the screen ? what should i look out for? is there a volume option? im in Sacto Ca please throw some knowlege at me ,K? kool cats? :P I dont know if this kind of information is given here.? thanks though :!: :!: :!: KOOL KITTY :wink:

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    Do you have the model number for it? If not, how about a picture of it? Either would help us greatly.

    Anyway, here are the big things you need to know right away:

    1. The bands. X, K, Ka, and L. X isn't used as much for police anymore, depending on where you are. Check the speed trap info forum for a list of bands used in your state. K is more dangerous, as lots of police still use it. When you get a K-band alert, ease off and check your surroundings. Lots of grocery stores, gas stations, etc. around? It's probably a false alert, but slow down until you know the area's falsing spots like the back of your hand, and even then be careful. If you get a Ka hit, slow down. Ka is the favorite radar band of lots of police departments now, and they love to use instant-on. Ditto laser. If your detector is alerting to it, slow down.

    2. City modes. City mode usually desensitizes X-band, but don't be certain that it won't affect other bands as well. Again, the model number would help here, as you may be able to shut X-band off entirely while staying in Highway mode (which is the one you should always use regardless). I sincerely doubt it with the model I suspect you have, but check the owner's manual. Which leads to point 3:

    3. Read the owner's manual cover to cover and familiarize yourself with every alert the unit gives and how it operates. An alert does you no good if you don't know what to do with it. The owner's manual will answer most of the questions you have.

    If there's anything else we can help you figure out, let us know, but that model number or picture of the RD would really help.

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    Default educating koolkitty..

    model # m 185553 it's kind of you to have replied; thank you ! i hope this model # helps you , help me, even further :wink: you see ; my reason in seeking you out is ; like i said before... my dear freind gave me this device out of concern for me. he did not however include the instruction guide .so any guidance from you wiill be appreciated. thank you sooo much !! koolkitty.........

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    p.s. i dont even know where to start. ops: koolkitty.........

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    Are there any labels on the top of it? Most Bel detectors are either in the Vector or Pro line, and have a number or letter designation, such as RX65, 895, 995, STi, etc. Does it have a date of manufacture on it? Can you snap a pic of it and post it?
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    Sounds like a 725i or something around that era...

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    Default ok... on the top of the radar- , it says BEL with a circle

    ok... on the top of the radar it says BEL with a circle around it, und under that it says SUPERWIDEBAND WITH LASER PLUS. there are no #'s . you'll probably laugh at this question, but what exactly are bands ?? and what does the c, h, and l stand for ? im in sacto ca . i just want to say thanks and i really mean it for bothering with me but you know what they say..... :?: a closed mouth , dont get fed... :wink: koolkitty ops:



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