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    Default Issue with my Bel V995

    I ordered a refurbished Bel V995 from an amazon merchant, and so far I'm not very happy with what I have. First of all, the unit was not really in acceptable cosmetic shape. I seem to remember the rating saying "Like New" on amazon listing. It has excessive wear on the exterior, and discoloration as if it's been sitting on a dash in the sun for a long period of time. My second issue is, I think this unit may have a functional defect. I keep going into the settings (by holding city and bright down at the same time) and changing the settings because apparently the previous owner didn't want to be able to detect K and Ka band radar because he turned them off . Nor did he want to be able to be alerted to anything because the thing is completely muted, voice and beeps. The problem is that the changes wont take!! I do what it says in the manual, then wait 8 seconds for it to accept the settings and exit the program mode. Then, when I go back into settings again everything is back the way it was before! I turn the thing off and back on and it's completely silent. I seem to remember my old Bel V940 making some sort of noise when it was fired up.

    And to top it all off I just came back from an extensive test drive and the unit never made a peep.. Not even a false when going past an automatic door.. Complete silence.. I guess probably because the unit is stuck on the current settings of having every mode of radar locked out!

    Has anyone heard of this problem before? Am I making a mistake?

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    Default Re: Issue with my Bel V995

    You got ripped off big time, can you just return it? If not, well your only option is to spend more money and send it to Beltronics for repair.

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    Default Re: Issue with my Bel V995

    Yep, broken as hell. Return that ASAP!

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    Default Re: Issue with my Bel V995

    Sorry to tell you, no one can refurb a unit except Bel or Escort directly. I would suggest try to get your money back, and if you want a refurb, check ebay and go the the Escort store and get a refurb 8500, it is fully checked from the factory and cosmetically they change the case out.



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