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    Does anyone have any figures about the detection range of the Bel 880. I just purchased a Bel RX65 and will be giving my Bel 880 to my son. He currently has a Whistler 1743, but I think that the Bel 880 might be a better unit.
    I am extremely pleased with the RX65... Very good investment. I saved $100 and got what I read to be about as good as it gets. I live next to a major airport where the Bel 880 would freak out until I got about a 1/2 mile away from the fenceline from the laser alerts. So far I have not gotten one laser alert from the airports wind sheer detection system and I am very pleased about that.
    So if anyone has a website address that would have figures as to the detection range of the Bel 880 please post. I already have found the figures for the Whistler.

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    No figures here but I was running a bel 880 while my rx65 was being fixed...and I can tell ya the detection range is really not much different to the RX65....good long detection range especially on a k band radar...the 880 is a hell of alot better on laser detection than the rx65...

    It wont let him down...except for the fact you cant turn X band off




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