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    Default Using external antenna with BEL 330

    I'm living in Spain, and here is illegal the use of radar detector. Somebody know if is posible use an external antenna connected to my Bel 330? So i can left my radar detector under the seat.

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    That would be more trouble than buying a Bel996R and be done with it.
    I.e. your warranty is gone, you would have to build a watherproof casing for the die-cast horn antena and internal circuitry (basically the whole inside of the detector), and bring at l.east the acoustic alerts into the cabin. Basically, 10x more work, impredictable reliability, and costs.

    If you want to go stealth you have to get a Bel996R Vector Europa (or its relatives: Stinger Ventura, Target 660R EVO, Bel 975, Bel 915, W-Finder, etc).



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