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    Default Knowing what kind of gun your being hit with?

    I have a Bel RX65 and i was just wondering if there was any way i could know what kind of gun im hit with, whether its a radar or laser gun. Can you tell by what Frequency it shows?

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    Default Re: Knowing what kind of gun your being hit with?

    Radar is X, K, and Ka. Laser will display laser.

    Specifically, 35.5 GHz Ka is a Custom or Decatur, 34.7 is a Stalker Ka gun, 33.8 Ka is a MPH Ka gun. Generally, K band guns will transmit from 24.125 to 24.175 GHz although that is sometimes not the case. 10.525 GHz is the band frequency. I believe MPH makes/made the few X band guns that are still in use today.



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