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    Hi i am new at this forum.. i have a big problem with my beltronics rx65e... At one day my bel stop working properly.... When i want to set K and KA narrow band or some other settings, i wait till save the new settings,it'll show SAVED or something like that but doesnt SAVE!!! when i go to settings menu there are always old setting.. i dont know hot to save new ... i try to reset but nothing happen -/ i dont know what to do.. can somebody help me ?thx

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    Your unit may need to be returned to be repaired? Call Beltronics and talk to a rep.

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    i dont know what to do because i am from slovakia and we dont have there any beltronic service center or something like that.. only few shops which are selling them .. -/

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    How old is your RX65E?

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    jarko where did you buy your rx65e? if it comes from the official beltronics dealer in sk (kabat) than they might be able to fix it. email me if you need more help



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