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    Drove through TN & AL today with my new RX65 ran into a THP car running c/o 35.5 it was stationary on the opposite side of the road on the shoulder with the rear antenna on targeting cars in a construction zone. The RX65 first alerted about 1/4 of a mile before it and continued to alert for about a 1/2 mile after passing it. Then in AL I ran into four different patrol cars running c/o 34.7 I had about 4-6 seconds of alert @70 mph before patrol cars came into view. No I/O encounters yet. so far I am impressed.

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    Congrats on the new purchase. For 35.5 my RX65 outperforms everything else. Great all around radar detector.

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    The RX65 performs great with 35.5, including with I/O so you should have no complaints on the highway. It sometimes misses, but not often. I've seen over 2 miles detection on straight roads. Be careful on winding roads as it can be slow off-axis sometimes.



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