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    Default Hardwiring for a 995?

    I've been reading and looking around....and it seems that the Bel RX/GX Wire should work for hardwiring a Vector 995. Not sure about this, though, because I read the following:

    " Direct wire kit eliminates the dangling power cord and frees up your 12V power recepticle. Great for stealth installations, or vehicles with large dashboards. Connects to any switched 12V power circuit and has a 12 ft. slim power wire. Compatible with all BEL Pro RX series detectors and Vector Pro G-Timers."

    What exactly is a "Pro G-Timer", and can you use this wire to hardwire a V995 without a G-Timer?

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    Default Hard Wire

    Yes, you can use the Hardwire on the 995, you can get it here:

    The G-Timer is a computer that measures the G-Forces in your car to track performance, acceleration, horsepower
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    Thanks for that info and link, Roy.

    Well, looks like the $10 "Direct Wire Cord" will do the trick then....I'm guessing that the "G-Timer" is just an option as an accessory, but is not mandatory in order to hardwire this unit, that correct?



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