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    Default GX65 - first driving day impressions

    1. The redlight camera database is months out of date. 3 cameras which no longer exist out here triggered RD camera alerts.

    2. The K band hits on my Whistler were just slightly better than than the GX-65.

    3. The Ka band hits on the GX-65 were noticeable better than the Whistler.

    4. On the way back from an errand on the highway, a county officer was running instant on Ka band over the next hill. It caught it with plenty of time but not as well as I had expected. I wasn't able to compare this to the Whistler.

    5. Here's something interesting. The female voice on the Whistler is nicer than the GX65 voice, and might have a higher sampling rate, but the male voice, maybe due to pitch, catches my attention faster.

    6. The auto brightness is very nice. Could not stand the display on the Whistler.

    7. The GX65 runs much hotter than the Whistler. They should have put some vents on the unit to help cool it, or given it a color other than black.

    On a side note, it looks like I might get as much as I paid for my Whistler when its sold! Nice!
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