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    Just wanting to know when the the RX65 is in threat display mode and there are two radar units operating the same band in range will it show both signals or just one? The 8500's I had would show two bar style ka band signals or four k band signals and their relative strength. But the RX65 has numeric signal strength. Just curious because from time to time I come across the trap where there are two cars transmitting radar the first car you pass the officer is doing paperwork or not paying attention to traffic so you speed up after passing the first car then the second car gets you. And yes I know I had a V1 and it always told on them.

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    As far as I know, it only shows one strength for each band, showing only 1 K, 1 Ka, and 1 X at a time. For that reason, I don't prefer it.

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    Yep, Bel's threat mode only displays one bogey for each band, unlike Escort's expert mode which displays 4 X, 2 K and 2 Ka bogeys at once.
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