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    Default Bel rx65 Q & NJ State Troopers

    I came to this site in hopes someone can shed light on this problem I have been having lately. I have two Bel rx65 one for myself and one for my wife, anyway today I was driving from Wilmington De onto the turnpike I passed my my 1st state trooper ok the radar detector did not make a sound, I am driving around exit 4 off the turnpike and directly underneath the one overpass I can see ahead of me a trooper sitting in his patrol car aiming at traffic what appears to be a laser/radar gun my detector is not sounding, I must of driven now 3-6 miles I see yet another one between the wall divider same thing no warning. So I decide to call my wife and just talk to her while I am driving on speakerphone that I think the radar detector is not picking up state troopers anymore she told me that while I was away she went on rt 287north to Bridgewater nj and she noticed the state troopers aiming at traffic and that her detector also did not sound.

    Have the nj state police received new equipment that this detector does not cover? I have POP off so does she is this they are using? Or is it something that makes our detectors obsolete now if so what does cover the state police any recommendations?

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    Default Re: Bel rx65 Q & NJ State Troopers

    State troopers usually use Laser guns, which is what you seem to be describing. Your Radar detector will only go off if it can see the beam, which is VERY small. Don't count on your radar detector to save you from laser, it wont, even if it does go off, it means you've been hit.

    You need a laser jammer.

    Your radar detector MIGHT go off if it gets scatter from the laser beam of another car, or your car has been hit.

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    Default Re: Bel rx65 Q & NJ State Troopers

    If they were actually aiming the gun at individual cars, they were likely using laser. The laser beam is very narrow compared to radar, you only get an alert on a detector if the detector happens to pick up scatter from a car ahead of you when the laser beam hits that car (doesn't happen too often), or if a part of the laser beam aimed at your car hits your detector. The RX65 is a good detector, but Escort/Bel detectors have not been known to be too good with laser, and in fact most detectors aren't. They use a ton of laser here in the Atlanta area, and it's a real pain since there's no real way to detect it until you're right on top of it.

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    Default Re: Bel rx65 Q & NJ State Troopers

    NJSP just got the new LTi truspeed laser guns which they have been using avidly. A radar detector is NOT a cop detector so if u see a cop sitting there it does not mean that his radar detector is on. What you are describing sounds like they were in fact using laser which can only be picked up by a radar detector when the car is targeted. Sometimes you will be able to pick up laser scatter when a car around is targeted but really this has only happened to me when using a V1 since the laser detection is the best by far for a rd. THE ONLY WAY TO DEFEND AGAINST LASER IS AN ACTIVE LASER JAMMER. sorry for the caps but this is the point of what im trying to say. A set of Laser Interceptor is what i would recommend and you will be fine

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    Default Re: Bel rx65 Q & NJ State Troopers

    Yes get the Laser Interceptor since its the most successful in the tests we have been seeing. Without an active jammer, you are playing roulette trying to get by with an RD only.

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    Default Re: Bel rx65 Q & NJ State Troopers

    Laser. POP's not in NJ.

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    Default Re: Bel rx65 Q & NJ State Troopers

    A few years ago I got my first laser hit on my older Bel 960, that prompted me to come to this board and read up on defense. I wish I could get a trooper to laser me once and awhile I only get boring X band hits, and believe it or not no ka from troopers.

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    Default Re: Bel rx65 Q & NJ State Troopers

    I drive Rt 30 to Atlantic City everyday. I also drive the AC Expressway and Garden State Parkway quiet frequently during the summer. I have only seen 2 NJSP troopers using laser. BUT I have passed numerous with X band radar. Just my comments since I don't use the Turnpike or 287 that much.

    BTW I was on 287 Monday afternoon looking for some interference to FAA communications. Right after I got onto 287 from 206 headed west I saw at least 4 troopers targeting eastbound traffic. My work truck doesn't have an RD but lots of other toys but I was preoccupied with the problem.



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