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    Default Just Got the Vector 985

    I just bought a used Vector 985, from Outrun, I had a Cobra XRS9300 I know Cobras are crap anyways I just didnt have the mnoney for a X50 or 65, and defintately not a V1. So at the time I was considering the Whistler Pro 58 or 73. I thought it was a good deal for the money. BUT Outrun said he had the 985 just laying around and he wanted to sell it so I thought about it and I know the 985 is better then the whistler but it came down to new or used. Well I took the leap of faith got the Bel and I am SO glad I did. As I was on my way home from Outruns house, headed west bound I picked up a K band sign. so I slowed down ( I am used to seeing a alert and then having to stop extreamly fast cause cobras have NO distance) Well I got a K1 K2 warning for a while. So after about a 1.5 miles of that I get a K 5 K6 K7 and there he was a LEO with a portable K band Gun. I think it was a stalker I am not sure I was so happy with the 985 I wasnt even paying any attention to the LEO. SO then further driving home Going threw the airport. DFW uses Ka Instant on- well I got a K band warning in a familar place where my cobra alwaysed falsed, So I did not think anything of the K band alert. Well The alert was still going all the way up to 6 and I was like WTF, then over the hill there it was 1.8 miles away from the fist alert. A "Your Seed Is" sign, I was like whoa!! Once again still blown away, I picked it up 1.8 miles away AND this was in BUMPER TO BUMPER traffiic !! So to finally top off the fun I had going home, I was almost to my GF's house and I had just turn left down the last busy street before I hit her nieghborhood and like almost as I turned left BAM K band and so I knew it was a cop cause my GF lives in Kennedale and they use K band. Well after going past my GF street I wanted to know where the LEO was after 2.2 miles and going over some small hills, Finally there was a county LEO sitting there already pulled someone over and his radar was just still on while he was writting a ticket!! SO tell me what you people think about that!!!!

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    The 985 is a good radar detector. I have one and it is the backup to my V1. When radar is straight ahead, it is almost as good on K band and a little less sensitive on Ka band than my V1. V1 does quite a bit better around hills and curves.

    The 985 will serve you well. I am not at all surprised by the long range warnings that you got with it.


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    I am glad to see you liked it. I think it will do awesome. Can't wait to see those videos

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    Good choice on buying the Bel 985!!
    Even today that unit is still one of the best detectors out there!

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    I've had my 985 since it first came out and it's still my only detector. It works very well.

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    Outrun you should take the Bel 985 off your signature
    since you don't have it no more! lol

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    I have been tempeted to upgrade my Bel985, needless to say I still have it, getting my money worth out of it before needing to catch back up to all the new technology, got to watch out for POP although.

    Works well detecting laser, my experience anyways.

    Very happy Bel985 owner.

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    I'm sure Ford_Focus_05 got a geed deal on the 985. Too bad I found out that Outrun was offering it for sale a few days too late



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