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    Default RX65 owners...true range on open highway?

    On a relatively straight highway or interstate...lets say straight for one mile...can I expect my Bel to warn me in time if I dont have a scapegoat(or radar bunny...or sucker...or whatever you want to call the guy in front of you)? I know range in the city is considerably shorter but I purchased the detector mainly for protection during highway travel. Will the detector even be effective at interstae speeds?(75+)?

    Also...another random question...can a cop get a reading on you if he cuts his radar on as he is passing you or can tell if youre speeding or does the radar have to be on before he makes eye contact? Anyone know if its a common cop practice to leave their radar off until its too late for a detector to warn you? Thanks for any information.

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    You always want a rabbit if you plan to speed with your radar detector!!!!! Cause if the cop is using instant-on radar you are screwed if you are all alone. you can expect range on k and Ka to vary from 0.5miles-1.5miles depending on terrain

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    like crazyVOLVOrob said, your screwed if the LEO is useing instant ON and your shinning your ass naked out in the open. The question is relative distance, at 75+ mph even 1 mile warning is cutting it close if your all alone, generaly it will be enough. But if the LEO is traveling towards you, the speed at which the two of you are closing in on each other, 1 miles is NOTHING, you will has 2-3 seconds before your ontop of each other, and again if the LEO is using instant ON, POP, LASER, your toast. Relying on your detetor 100% is a bad idea, you will eventually end up with a ticket.

    Now if your wondering if a certain detector is better than others to give you greater detection and warning, than yes Bel among others are a good thing.

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    As both above have always want a rabbit when speeding....the tri-fecta of: The LEO shooting off their detection device: instant on/pop/laser on the rabbit, The RD to pick it up, and the brakelights of the poor rabbit is what you really should have. Is pretty much what you want.

    Like could be toast very easy without a rabbit even with an RD (and its sometimes possible to be toast with the best rabbit/detector/jammer).

    1mile comes up in 2-3seconds? (Ic you are just trying to explain that when an LEO is oncoming you two combined make up distance in no time, and reactions to an alert must be prompt, but dont frighten 'whisper')

    At 205MPH you go a 1/4mile in roughly 4.50seconds, so to cover a mile at 205 MPH it would take roughly 18seconds (actually just under for both these calculations). Since both speeds combined would be probably 150MPH (75MPH each) [you and the LEO] it will be more like 25ish seconds before you and the LEO cross paths, which is more then enough time to slow down from the first signal (again if you get a mile[ish] warning)(However an LEO doesnt target you when you are crossing paths...they target you hundreds of feet down the road from them) idealy you would like to slow down within the first 5seconds of the alert where you are still over/around 3/4's of a mile (4000feet approx) apart *again just stating if you get a mile warning and both you and the LEO are traveling 75(ish), all this is give or take*.

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    AirMoore Thanks for clarifying the speed/time, I am good at math, no really I am, just lazy to do the simple calc this time.

    As you explained, I feel time goes by very quick from the time you get a alert to the time you see the LEO. Obviously if you can see the LEO down the road, he can see you, a quarter mile distance is easy targeting range, so I rather have my speed proper before I see the officer.



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