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Thread: STI-R or wait?

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    Default STI-R or wait?

    So i'm thinking about buying an STI-R, but I don't know if i should wait till something better comes out, or get it now?

    Will anything better come?

    I have a STi-Driver and V1 at the moment. But I met up with Category4 and saw his 9500ci, and i really liked the little displays. What do you guys think?

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    Default Re: STI-R or wait?

    The 9500ci uses the same antenna and comes with laser jammers. They aren't the best jammers for big trucks, but I'm just parroting what I've heard others say in this forum. If you have a smaller car then the 9500ci wouldn't be a bad choice either. If you have a big truck or something you should probably get the STI-R and get some good laser jammers.

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    Default Re: STI-R or wait?

    I'd get the STi-r NOW. It was discontinued so it will be harder and harder to find one. The range on the STi-r against all radar bands is incredible and no other remote RD has Ka segmentation. It will be a nice addition to your V1. Arrows + Spec Mode

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    Default Re: STI-R or wait?

    If its in your budget, get the STi-R now. Its going away and retailers are throwing it out the door for much less than retail. We don't know of anything better coming out in terms of sensitivity, and right now you can pick one up for a little more than the cost of their lower performing remote RDs at Belscort.

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    Default Re: STI-R or wait?

    I'd say get the STi-R NOW as well, they're cheap and no other remote mount has the KA segmentation which is one of the key features that makes STi-R outweigh the 9500CI.

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    Default Re: STI-R or wait?

    I bought 2 Brand New STi-R in past months..
    paid $545 and $440
    I think u should buy it NOW

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    Default Re: STI-R or wait?

    Quote Originally Posted by sniper4usmc View Post
    I bought 2 Brand New STi-R in past months..
    paid $545 and $440
    Do you guys know of some online dealers or local dealers selling hard install for under $500 ? I am in the Salt Lake City UT area.

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    Default Re: STI-R or wait?

    STI-R now or never. There won't be anything out there so don't wait.

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    Default Re: STI-R or wait?

    be careful who you buy it from not all sellers are authorized. if they are on Bel's unauthorized list they will not warranty the item.
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    Default Re: STI-R or wait?

    Quote Originally Posted by 2Bolt View Post
    When did the STi-R start going out the door and why?
    Seems strange to not know for sure about a improved replacement model.

    Lack of sales would be my guess.

    It's an awesome detector, but I never thought its performance justified the original retail price. $1,100 IIRC.

    I mean, it is more sensitive than my (previously best detector) V1, but not almost 3X the price better.

    But when the price came down around $600? The Sti-R's extra sensitivity and stealth were worth that for sure.



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