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    Default Excellent Customer Service!

    One of my STi's had a broken display. Display would not work, but it detected radar fine. I contacted the official Escort rep seen here on this board and known as EscortRadar on and he was able to accommodate my special request. I didn't want my STi upgraded because I like it the way it is. Official Escort Rep was able to make sure my STi did not get updated and only have the display repaired. I got my STi back and sure enough, only the display was fixed. Great customer service by Beltronics/Escort!

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    I have always gotten good C.S. when I have called Bel. Also I agree, EscortRadar does a good job on the forums supporting Bel/Escort products.

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    Glad you had a good experience with their customer service. VR could learn from them as to leaving a good impression with customers. VR's patent runs out how soon? 2011? I wouldn't want their stock.

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    My RX65 went in for antenna replacement in '04 and back again this last March. It came back this last time with the service card stating "replaced speaker, antenna, and plastics." Top shell was replaced. Other than V 4.5 displayed on reset, I don't know what's inside it, but they must have done a great job as it's working perfectly.

    Only problem occurred when I decided to hardwire it. I got the alternating "laser - low volts" display on power up although my x50 and S2 exhibited no problems. Replaced the 3A fuse in the power cord with a 5A and that was fixed. Kind of hard for me to grasp the significance.

    Good to hear that excellent service is still available next time I need it.



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