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    Default STi-r Installation in Vette

    I just purchased a BEL STi-r for my C6. I plan on installing the display and controller in the ash tray. I live in Wisconsin which requires a front plate, but won't mount it unless I am forced to. I plan to mount the antenna head just off center on top of the grill opening. Or suggestions?
    My questions are:
    1- What is the best route to run the wire from the antenna to the interior?
    2- Where to mount the interface (bus bar), The directions say inside the car.
    3- Best place to mount the speaker?
    4 -What would be the best place to pick up switched power?

    I have restored many antique 30's cars over the years but this is my first Corvette. Please assume I know nothing.

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    Default Re: STi-r Installation in Vette

    Behind the battery is a large rubber grommet where the wiring from the engine compartment runs through the fire wall into the interior fuse box on the passenger side.

    You can make a slit in this grommet to fish the wires through and then reseal with silicone. This also give you a path for the jammer heads.

    I used an add-a-circuit fuse and tapped into the cruise control fuse for power.

    I mounter the speaker on the back of the console up against the waterfall with double sticking body moulding tape. The control module I mounted right on the console between the shifter and glove box (see pictures in my profile).

    I removed the center console and routed the wire for the display right above the factory radio unit, just below the center console vents.
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    Default Re: STi-r Installation in Vette

    Thanks Catagory4, that is exactly the information I am looking for. Much appreciated!



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