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    Default Vector 995 VS RX65

    Ok. i have looked through the forums and decided that im either going to keep my 995 or exchange it for an RX65 being they are around the same price. i realy wanted to go for a redline or sti but decided i dont want to invest that much on a detector right now.

    would the RX65 provide better protection for k and ka over the 995? i know they are both the m4 platform but the RX65 being a pro model i would think it should be able to pick up a signal at a greater distance??

    using the 995, i have noticed all alerts have been on k (city) and ka (hwy) around here.

    thanks to all for helping this radar noob out
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    Default Re: Vector 995 VS RX65

    Same raw detection, RX65 has more features is all.

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    Default Re: Vector 995 VS RX65

    I would go with Escort C65 same as RX65,but lot cheaper..$195



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