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    I am a beginner with RD. I read the owner manual that Beltronics recommends using HWY mode all the time. The city is to cut down on false alarms. So that about sums it up right. I dont care about false alarms at all, I would rather just leave it in one mode and drive away. So for my needs HWY all the time is just fine?

    I use to have a SOLO S2 and that had a auto mode, so why doesnt the 940 have that?

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    In the Vector series, Auto mode is available on higher models like the 955 and 995. The only thing City mode will do on your 940 is cut down on X band falses. You will find the 940 to be quieter than your S2 in the city yet have more range against real threats.

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    Thanks, I will leave it in HWY mode all the time.



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