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    Default Gx65 gps signal loss.

    well, this past week, i been losing my signal on the gps of the GX65. this kinda sucks, bc i have alot of false signal lockout, and the constant beeping starting to annoy me.. i had it hardwired and the radar detector at 1/3 from the top of the windshield. anyone experience the similiar problem? anyway to fix it without having to move the radar detector downward? i lose the signal one in awhile but lately its been on a regular basis.. perhaps the weather? its been gloomy on some days in dallas...

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    Default Re: Gx65 gps signal loss.

    Try moving the GX65 to an area on your windshield with a better view of the sky. If GPS reception is better there, then you should relocate it to an area with a better view of the sky. If it still isn't keeping the GPS signal then we will need to have a look at it.

    You can contact our service department at 800-341-2288 between 8am-6pm Eastern time Mon-Fri (number is also in your owners manual)



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