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    Default RX65 K Alert "distorted" in display threat mode

    I know this sounds strange for a problem description, but whenever I
    use the threat display mode the audible warning USUALLY sounds an alert then almost like a murmer right after. When I say USUALLY this is on occasion the alert does not sound distorted. The alert is crisp and sharp on all other meter options. Could this be because it is receiving more than 1 K band signal at once? This is the only band I've heard it on, and indeed there are multiple door openers in the areas where I distinctly remember hearing this. From what I've read here it seems the RX65 is only designed to display for a single K band signal at a time, could this contribute to what I'm getting? Any input or similar experiences would be appreciated.

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    I believe you have AutoMute ON...turn it off and then try it

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    Thanks for the tip....
    I had tried that, along with trying reducing the volume, trying highway and city modes (I run it in Autoscan normally), pretty much exploring any setting that could cause it. It just seems that the alert in the threat mode display setting has that quick second sound to the warning. The detector works great, picking up several Ka band alerts that saved my butt. Oh well, I'll probably use it for a year then buy a replacement V1 for the one that was stolen right in my driveway in 1996. I loved that detector, all of it's weakness's being considered. There is much to be said for the multiple bogey's and directional arrow information of that unit. If anyone has a similar experience with the RX65 I would still love some more recomendations....

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    I had posted about this a while ago. I had the same thing on my RX65. The K band audible sounded distorted. The brap sound just didnt sound right. All other higher pitched alerts sounded fine. I didn't change my settings at all and all of a sudden it just went away and the K band alert sounds normal now. I dunno. It almost sounded to me like the speaker was going or something...........but it stopped.

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    it might be that you left your gear exposed to too much cold or possibly heat..more than lilkely cold if any of the two..

    remember to alwasy remove ur device and put it in the glove or in ur house in the extreme cold.



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