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    Default Why the 995 instead of the RX65???

    So I am sitting in a Doctors office for about an hour, and I am reading through Car & Driver and Automobile magazines. I see full page Ads for Valentine, Solo S2 and full page Ads for the X50...

    But then I see a full page Ad for the Vector 995. And then again in a different magazine. These are recent too, within the past couple of months.

    I wonder why Beltronics decided to advertise the 995 instead of the RX65 :roll:

    Not that the 995 is a bad detector, but why not advertise your (up until STi) Flagship Detector?

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    From what I have read, the 995 is the "top of the line" VECTOR series model......and the Vector series is the mass marketed, and mass produced model. The "Pro" series is more of a "specialty" type model, that was not produced to be featured in retail chains, but more "specialty type" outlets. For example, you can purchase a 995 at a local Circuit City...but NOT the RX65 (Pro).

    I'm not positive about this, but this is what I have read (that the 995 is more easily accessible and more mass produced). Besides, if I'm not mistaken....there are quite a few similarities between models, with the RX65 having just a few "extras", but a lot of the features of both products are remarkably similar otherwise. The 995 is also less expensive, which probably has a lot to do with why it is marketed more heavily and more readily available via retail chains as well.....



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