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    Hi I am in the great POLICE STATE of CANADA - QUEBEC with some liberties taken away, but you can can drink beer at 18, vote, go to war, and die for your country, unlike N.Y. and others States, where you have to be much more mature age wise to drink....

    I am looking to purchase a Bel STi portable, to use, I need to place it on my person if stopped, as the police cannot do a personal search for a radar detector, even if they suspect one was in use.

    They will use all sorts of intimidating lies and threats of punishments obstruction etc. to get you to cough it up. I know it is undetectable to Spectre, but it still could be seen etc. I would place it under a GPS unit to help camouflage it.

    I was considering hardwiring a STi R to the car but that would problably be even more problemsome. They would see the sensors, then impound the car to look for the device etc.

    And get this, when I get this shipped to me in Quebec, I have to leave it in the shipping box if I pick it up in my car at a UPS terminal, otherwise it can be confiscated, even if it is still unopened in the original Bel box, shrink wrapped and all. I wonder what would happen to the bus driver, if I took the city bus ha ha. ...

    So questions ?

    I want a Spectre immune detector Bel only I guess ?

    In Canada some vendors do not ship to Quebec. Does anyone know one who does

    Same for a US vendor.

    Can anyone recommend a good one, with a good return policy, and additional warranty offered.

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    Google kmph, they will ship it to you.

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    +1 for, great place, wonderful people, nothing wrong with the prices!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by snoopyc4 View Post
    They don't ship to Canada.




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