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    After much disscussion and debating i'm going to try a different approach to using my STi-R PLUS.

    MY senario where i live:

    Mobile gatso camera vans operating on low power K band.
    Highway patrol operating only on Ka. I know what frequency there on so i know what segment to have on.

    What would be the ideal settings for me using my STi-R PLUS whilst doing mostly city driving?

    Thnaks in advance.

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    Any suggestions on how i can make my lockout radii smaller would be greatly appreciated. 1/2 a mile is just wayyyy to big

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    Will driving around in city mode locking out falses make for smaller radii?

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    My experience is the following:

    1) use Highway, so you see the alert starting with 1, don't lock out with high strenght, because it could affect the radius... (we think the stronger the signal the larger the radius)
    2) stop, don't drive, so you maybe know what frequency block(s) to lock out...
    3) after the satelite is spinning, turn off the device. So the frequency scan and lock out algorithm does stop.

    That's one of the best ways to make a little usable, but still there is a big risk, even used this way, because you only see one frequency on the display and most probably there are multiple frequencies measured but only one can be displayed at one time, just the strongest one. That means, you maybe think you only locked out 24.100-24.115 (one block), but in fact it still locked out multiple blocks... (almost the whole band....) The more you test, the more you understand, the less you like it... :-(

    Hopefully once in the future, the lock out radius gets customizable and saves every block at it's own GPS location and cars-heading, etc. ....

    PS: DSI for example shows you the spectrum, so you see excatly what you are doing...




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