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    Default Just my exp With Beltronics RD

    First ever RD was a vector 955 worked good but received "service required" all the time...bought vector 995 next worked great!!! 4 months later "service required" Finally thought an STI Driver would be hell of alot better maily bc of reviews and price...Radar Worked flawless!!!..."service required" twice sent in under warranty fixed problem 2 weeks later windshield smashed and stolen=(...I just bought a brand new V1 now lets try this route=)

    always remember take your RD OUT OF PLAIN SIGHT thieves love them quick easy money I tinted my windows and mount it up high next to rear view mirror kinda blends in hardwired..lock it up when im in highly populated areas. just a little fyi Thanks

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    Default Re: Just my exp With Beltronics RD

    Are you sure the service required were not caused by a bad power connection or some voltage spikes generated by your car, or overheating? 3 defective detectors in a row it's more then bad luck.
    My first 955 also gave me the service required message. However the detector box was not sealed when I got it. It was replaced with another one, which works fine for 2 years. I also have a 940 on another car and it works without problems.

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    Default Re: Just my exp With Beltronics RD

    The 955 I bought was brand new, and it worked good but I think I kept it in the sun and boiling hot car all day to many days in a row thats what probably did it!
    The 995 was bought used and I used it for bout 2 weeks and it gave me a service required signal , so I think the previous owner might have ruined it . The STIDRIVER was brand new and worked the best and the longest then one day it just popped up so i returned it under warranty and they said it needed to be upgraded and when I rceived it back from warranty fix worked perfect then 2 -3 weeks later it was stolen along with my gps..****ty I know!

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    Default Re: Just my exp With Beltronics RD

    The older S7s were notoriously unreliable. I left my M4 based unit in the hot FL sunshine most days and it was still working great after 18 months.



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