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    I've had a V965 for about five years. It finally died on me. It's been giving me a lot of low volts and reboots. So I orderd a new V995 from Amazon, and it came last night. I have three questions about it so far.

    1. Compared to my old detector, this thing seems LOUD. I had to turn the volume down to the lowest setting, and it still seems a bit too loud. Is this normal?
    2. Compared to my old detector, the 995 doesn't seem like it beeps as fast as my 965 did. It went off last night and based on the speed at which it was beeping, I expected the signal strength meter to be about half way. It was pegged all the way. Is this normal?
    3. What should I expect in the way of false Laser alerts? None of the cops in my area use lidar. In the entire five years that I owned my 965, I remember three Laser alerts, and they were all when the sun was low in the sky. I got one tonight on the way home tonight, and it's an overcast day.


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    Newer 995s use the M4 platform, you may notice it's less sensitive off axis but should be better if the radar is in front. I'm not sure what the rampup is like on the V995 but if it's the same as my RX65 it never gets to a solid alert even at full strength.

    Laser alerts are caused by various sources:

    - The sun, especially if it's low in the sky or shining through trees
    - Toll booths
    - Cruise control on some cars (especially Infinitis)
    - Brake lights (rare)
    - Airports
    - Oh, and those things the cops use...

    In my experience, the Beltronics detectors do not false Laser very often. I think I've had a total of 2 on mine. My V1 falses all the time.

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    Default Re: New Bel V995

    The 995 has a very loud speaker. I had to run my volume as low as possible also.



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