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Thread: bel 980 problem

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    Default bel 980 problem

    i have a bel 980 and it says ?LO1 CAL can anyone tell me whats the problem with my radar detector

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    The local oscillator is out of calibration, you can send it back to Bel with an $85 cheque, or you could attempt to calibrate it yourself, though this may mean a reduced effectiveness. Or get a new detector...

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    Just to provide more details,
    My Bel 980 has shown the same LO CAL error, about 6-7 times in the past two years.
    Suspiciously, four of those times were when I was stopped in the exact same intersection. So perhaps some type of external interference can cause it?
    It otherwise still seems to work fine.

    When it does occur it beeps endlessly and does not respond to any buttons including power. You must physically cut the power. Usually it is fine after powered back up, one time the error came back after a few seconds for me.

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    Default welcome

    Welcome to the board newcomers. LO CAL1 is not a good sign for your Bel. That baby needs to go back to Beltronics for a check up. Make sure when you send it in, GIVE SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS AS TO WHAT YOU WANT DONE. Also, since Bel techs do a computer test check on your unit, REQUEST THEY DO A MANUAL TEST CHECK AS WELL TO MAKE SURE YOUR UNIT WILL BE PERFORMING TOP NOTCH.



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