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    Default Bel Vector XR650

    Hi, long time reader, first time poster. :P

    Ive just picked up this RD cheap from a friends store whose getting rid of stock.

    I was wondering if people can give me their opinions on the RD and its good and bad attributes.

    I have emailed my local Bel reseller / repairer for an indication if I can get the firmware updated as well.

    Is anyone aware of the latest firmware revision.


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    Do you mean the RX-65? :?

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    No the XR650 is an AUS model. From what i've heard it has less range than the RX65 and XR950 and not reccomended for Perth's multanova cameras.

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    oic :wink: Never heard of it

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    Cool thnx.

    Guess ill be taking it back and getting an RX65 then.
    Any ideas how it will perform against the country cops car mounted and handhelds?

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    When I asked they said the XRxxx detectors (the ones "designed" for Australia) are supposed to be SPECIALLY tuned for Australian conditions.

    Now what does THAT mean? They even said the RX65 wont perform as well!



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