Last night I was heading home and got an alert from a NYS Trooper in a new Suburban. The Sti alerted to 34.820 and since I had segment five on only for the Sti-R it did not alert until I was on top of the trooper and then only a brief i/o alert at 34.808 - The very edge of segment 5. The Sti held the alert in both directions for about 3/4 of a mile and I assume he was in broadcast mode. The Sti-R was recently serviced and seems to be working well - Only segment 5 was on, no k, no x and RDR and POP off.

This is the third time I have had a DSR 2x read somewhere in the 34.8XX area and I have posted about it before. I know a few others have posted issues with short alerts with the DSR2X and I rember at least one in the V1 fourm.

Just wondering if anyone else has seen these higher numbers on the DSR2X and if it is just in broadcast mode or normal mode (or both).

I know its difficlut as you are driving to see if it is a Dual or DSR2x but I still wanted to ask if anyone else has run into this. It also could be the same unit as each time it was a suburban - next time I will get the plate number if it happens again.