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Thread: V995 Problem?

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    Starting about 2-3 weeks ago, when my V995 powers on after a few seconds it will start giving me full blast alerts to K, Ka, and X before I turned it off. Anyone had this issue before? I have to turn it off/on about 3 times or either mute the alerts and wait around 5 minutes of them constantly alerting before they stop and it returns to normal. Everything else still works as usual.. still alerts to real encounters, but this is getting annoying.

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    i had this happen to me on my v965 many times in the winter when the temperature was really low. I never got x band but did get k and ka and it would go away once the car was warmed up a bit. not sure how normal it is.

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    It did start happening when it was cold (~32 F) but its like 80 now and still happens sometimes.

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    Might wanna send it in for a checkup...

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    Send it in for service. My 955 acted the same way w/pop alerts. The colder the outside temp, the worse the problem was but it needed repairs and came back good as new. Since I learned to take my RD down to protect it from cold/heat, the problem hasn't returned.



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