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    Default STi-R Plus autoscan speed threshold?

    On the Sti-R PLUS Autoscan's sensitivity is dependent on the vehicles speed. Does anyone know at what speed it switches from full sensitivity on X and K to reduced sensitivity? It does not specify in the owners manual.

    I'm assuming it would work the same as a 9500ci but i'm not sure?

    The reason i'm wondering is because of the problem users of this product face outside of the USA.

    I know for sure that Autoscan does not filter at Gatsos.
    So I was thinking if the unit is left in Autoscan not Highway mode it will filter alot of the falses out. Which would reduce the amount of locked out signals in any given lockout radius. Which would in turn reduce the amount of K band being locked out and the risk of having a Gatso not detected within the lock out radius.

    So depending at which speed the unit switches from full to reduced sensitivity this might help alot of people with the problem of real threats being locked out.
    I know there is probably alot of people out there like me who just put it on Highway mode and picked up every false alert around and ended up locking out nearly all of the K band.

    Make sense?
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    Default Re: STi-R Plus autoscan speed threshold?

    Ignore the the above post. After testing this theory in the real world it still doesn't help. Autolock fail.



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