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    Default STi-R sensitivity to Ka from the rear?

    I'm pleased with my STi-R overall, have used it now about four months and its forward-Ka sensitivity is as advertised. It seems like a good tandem with the LI and V1, recognizing some say in some installs there may be some cross-interference. I can't see any deterioration in my V1 performance before/after, so I'm leaving it as is.

    I did have to disable the STi's K-band, though, the intereference on those frequencies caused by my active cruise control weren't solved. But V1 is fine for me on K.

    The one area I'm generally disappointed in the STi-R's sensitivity is Ka from the rear. It always is way late compared to the V1, and on occasion doesn't detect it at all, while the V1 will continue to monitor. Is this a known issue, is it possibly V1 effects on the STi, or what?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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    Default Re: STi-R sensitivity to Ka from the rear?

    Possibly because the Sti is mounted low and the V1 high with clear view for the rear antenna which is superb on rear Ka.

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    Default Re: STi-R sensitivity to Ka from the rear?

    Hmm my rear ka sensitivity is excellent, but I've never ran my STI-R with a V1 so it could be just perspective.

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    Default Re: STi-R sensitivity to Ka from the rear?

    Why worry about rear detection when your hauling ass
    A friend of mine who drives a truck leaves his Redline on the floor and still gets 2-3 miles warning from both directions. I went on trip with him once and I was amazed at how well it worked when radar had to pass through all that metal. Here I was worried about my STi-R being mounted behind my bumper.

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    Default Re: STi-R sensitivity to Ka from the rear?

    I've had LEOs behind me shooting I/O Ka at oncoming traffic. It's about the only time the V1 beats the sti.



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