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    995 vs i995... what is the difference between them?

    And are both of these better, in terms of performance, than the cobra 9950? If so, why?

    Lets not take price as a factor.

    First time here, nice to meet everyone !!!! Thank You!

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    I've never heard of an i995, but I can tell you that the Beltronics Vector 995 is most certainly better in performance then the cobra 9950, and the reason for it being better is over all range and it won't give off as many false alerts, or have the problem with causing other detectors to receive false alerts which is something that cobras are known for

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    Not sure what you mean by 995i? The V995 is a very nice detector. The newer models use M4 which is poor off axis, the older ones used the S7 which was better but had reliability issues.

    You could save yourself $100 and buy a 955 which is the same detection range but less features. If you want to spend $300 though go with the RX65.

    I wouldn't even consider a Cobra, they're not worth the money.

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    Cobras are most certainly not worth the money. The 995 is a fine detector, but I used the 955 for years and did not miss many of the feature the 995 has. The performance should be extremely similar since the two use the same receiving horn. The RX65 is very nice and worth your attention at the 300 price point.

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    We do not produce the Vector i995 any longer. It was simply an international version of the Vector 995.

    The Vector 995 will easily outperform any Cobra detector. Why? Mainly because our antenna technology is far superior.

    If you already have a Cobra and wish to compare another detector with it, then please do not operate them together in your car at the same time. Interference between them will cause weird behavior such as poor or no detection

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    If you want a great detector go with the 955. The 955 and 995 have the same detection range. The only differnce between the to is more settings. I have my 955 as a spare. Another option is the Refurbed 8500 S7 Platform from escort its about $150 or the 955 on Radarbusters is $165. Just a couple options.

    Anything is better then the Cobra! I forget who said it but found it funny.
    Cobra detects all bands of radar expect Police Radarto the person who first said this.
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