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    Hey guys just wondering how far my radar should detect and is working properly. I have K band on and the signal goes on to x1 when im pretty close and only goes to x6 or x7 when I pass by the store to drop somebody off in front of the doors. Shouldnt it be at x9? Or sometimes when I pass it on the street it goes to like only x2x3? Is that normal guys? I know those are falses but just making sure my radar works, as this is my first radar? Any comments are appreciated!

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    Shopping center radar is a lot weeker than police radar, so yeah, don't expect to pick it up until you get fairly close (also, it changes on a store by store basis, but I've never gotten more than a block, except this one place on the side of the highway, but still thats like 1/4 mile). X-band is a different story.

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    Most of the door radar is pointed down towards the ground so you probably will not receive a full alert when near the doors.



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