Hello everyone,
My name is Adrian and i am from Romania, Craiova.
I have an RD Bel RX 65,soft 6.5 with K-pulse ON/OFF in menu (probably last version date of manufacturing 05.10).
Here in Romania we have only K band and very rarely X band, no Ka,no laser.Last week (with help from an police officier) we tested RX 65 against new radars in Romania MPH BEE III K band antenna, mode instant-on, distance~1000meters.
The response of RD was ok but i have two questions for advanced users :
1. what is the influence of K pulse because with K pulse ON or OFF the response of RD was the same?
2. does Bel RX 65 detect instant-on in band X and Ka and how short can be pulses for a stable detection ( in miliseconds). We know that Bel can not detect SOKOL in X band.
With hope of an quick answer,
Best regards