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    Default STi Driver No SOUND!

    I was driver with my music really loud and i noticed that i cant hear my radar detector. Keep in mind even though i bump my music, i could 99% hear the my radar, but when i saw my radar get hit with a K band it did not even make a sound. I restarted the RD and still no sound even on the start up. I made sure it was not muted or anything, but still i cant get sound....any help?

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    Default Re: STi Driver No SOUND!

    Even though this may sound like a stupid suggestion I've made this mistake myself, do you have the volume up all the way? If you do then you might need to send it in for servicing. Or I guess you could try it on a different vehicle, I don't know how that would help but it is really one of the only suggestions I could think of.

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    Default Re: STi Driver No SOUND!

    blown speaker
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    Default Re: STi Driver No SOUND!

    Plug in an earphone. If the earphone works, thats a sign the internal speaker is blown.

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    Default Re: STi Driver No SOUND!

    well i think it needs a new speaker, becuase if i leave the volume all the way up... it will start to say the band, but then cut off. if i put the volume just half way, it will not cut off, so would replacing the speaker be an easy fix?

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    Default Re: STi Driver No SOUND!

    It sounds like the speaker is blown. Give us a call to set up servicing your STi

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    Default Re: STi Driver No SOUND!

    Did you solved this porblem ???

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    Default Re: STi Driver No SOUND!

    I still have not gotten it fixed so im thinking about fixin it myself since sending it to escort and for them to fix it is way to expensive. Does anyone know what type of speaker is used in the STi Driver?



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