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    Default Bel 745STI Plus Request

    I've got a Bel 745STI Plus that I'd like to restore.

    Sounds crazy but it was my first real radar detector, and I could use it on my Motorcycle.

    Problem is, the case split (the plastic cylinders where the screws hold together cracked) and it is missing the back plastic antenna horn cover. I am also missing a two buttons

    Other than that, the guts are practically new, and I have all the accessories.

    Considering it was a 300+ piece I could still use it somehow, or see how it fares 10 years after I bought it.

    Problem is, BEL doesn't even support this model at all. Does anyone know where I can get parts, etc for it. I know I could get one off Ebay cheap, but I KNOW the history of mine, it was used only for about a year before the case debacle.

    I would also be interested in any info or reviews anyone has on this piece.

    Thanks in advance!

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    As far as parts etc, if BEL won't sell them to you, then buying a used one (ebay etc) is your only option. Mybe you can find a broken one that has a good case/buttons.

    The 745STI came in #1 in the Automobile 1995 test by Craig Peterson. However, this is the test that caused a lot of uproar in the detector community and put his credibility into question, so take it for what it's worth.

    (And for anyone else reading this, I'm NOT trying to start a debate over a test that happened 10 YEARS AGO!!! This has been beat to death...)




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