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    Default beltronics v940 help

    Ok guys just picked this up and never had a radar so not sure whats normal and what isnt.

    I Got this thing and plugged it into the cig lighter powers on and i put it in highway sitting on a old dirt road with very little around and Ka starts beeping slowly with 2 bars. i drive along for a good 10 miles and its still doing it hasnt stopped.

    Finally stops and then i get x bands and k bands randomly some weak ones some strong ones. Yet theres nothing around me. I passed 4 cops the other day that i know atleast one had radar and it did nothing.

    This thing seems to beep non stop as im driving down the road. I have no idea whats going on or if it even works correctly. Ive tried a reset but no luck. Am i doing something wrong? thanks for any help

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    Sounds like it needs to be taken back to where you bought it for replacement or you should send it in to be checked out by Beltronics. Sounds like it is not working correctly.

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    Default Re: beltronics v940 help

    I agree. It is not working correctly

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    your 940 needs to go n for a checkup.



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