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Thread: 955 versus 995

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    Default 955 versus 995

    Hello all. I am looking to purchase a radar detector in the $150 to $225 range. I am sold on Bel. Do you all think the 995 is worth the extra $60 over the 955?


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    For me, it wasn't worth the extra money. I think performance wise, that is the ability to detect radar, they are very close if not about the same. The 955 is a decent performer for the price. It doesn't have as high of a feature set as the 995 though. I decided on it and I will opt for a higher end than the 995 at some point and keep the 955 for backup. Good luck...

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    Default Re: 955 versus 995

    I've owned a few 995's. They are all around excellent performers. Especially the S7's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by packersooner View Post
    I am sold on Bel.
    Based on what?

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    The price range?

    I've you're just getting it for detection, I'd just get the V955 (or even the V940). They all have the same performance.

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    I guess the feature that jumps out with the 995 is the actual frequency display for Ka. While the detection capability seems similar when comparing all of the Vectors, I am curious about the false alarm reduction. Displaying the frequency is a step in the right direction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stealth Stalker View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by packersooner View Post
    I am sold on Bel.
    Based on what?
    This is based on hours of online research (more than I care to admit). I have also talked to previous Bel owners...all of which have had good experiences.

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    Hey Pack,
    Well I owned and ran a 955 for 3 plus years. Solid performer and did well on all bands. I found that if you do not mount it high and level you will have alot of Laser falses(know this mostly from my dad useing it). Also you could look at the 940 which is a little less fancy and less in price and the same performace as the 955. Any of the Bel's are a good starting off detector. Cons on the Bel is close laser shots being missed, Volume if you have the windows down, and Instant On response.

    Just wanted to give my review and help you out. All and all I would say the 955 over the 995 because all your paying for is a few options and no performance increase

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    Default Re: 955 versus 995

    Does anyone have any IO test videos for the v955 or v995. I am still trying to decide on a mid-range (first detector)

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    I do like the 955 and I have at least one save with it here in Austin. However, this morning when driving south through downtown on IH 35 at about 15 over in much traffic I think the 955 must have missed a laser by a stationary motorcycle APD. I saw him visually and slowed down but he was close. No alarm at all. He got the poor guy in the F150 that I had moved to center lane to let him pass me in the left lane. I assume since I didn't get an alarm, it must have been laser. I was running the 955 on Highway. Anyway, it scared the begeezy out of me as I thought I was tagged. The 955 seems to do well with radar but this may be an instance where it didn't detect laser.....



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