STi warranty policy after WA law changes in March?

Australianís may be best of purchasing our RDís from the US or elsewhere once the law changes in WA in March.

What good is a 1 or 2 year warranty from the Australian Distributor? If the product they are selling becomes illegal in March? I donít want to send my new STi back for repair only to find out that one it is repaired the distributor will not ship it to me because itís now illegal.

I m interested in hearing the opinions of other Australianís on this.

Thanks for the other great post qwsoftware regarding that site for Australian driverís rights, on the Stectre and VG2 section of this forum. Looks like it will be very easy to send off quite a few more letters to our stupid parliament using the preformatted letters available on that site.

As the new premier and the police minister do not get along very well at all we may actually have a chance of ousting this law if enough people bother to send in letters and make phone calls.