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    Arrow Band segmentation ? STIR in Quebec

    Hi, so I had an STIR for a couple of month now, and I read alot that one good feature about the STIR is the K band segmentation. Well I would like to read more about it since I have no clue about which segment I can safely turn off in my region(Montreal area, province of Quebec, Canada). I hope the performance from tuning segment will boost up my performance a little bit. Also, I'm thinking about turning X band OFF. I got so many (sooo many) x band false alert. I was wondering if I could safely turn it off alert. And will it boost my range of performance if I do turn X band off?

    Thanks again for your help, you helped me to choose the STIR and now I need to know how to get good performance out of it.

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    Default Re: Band segmentation ? STIR in Quebec

    the sti r is an amazing detector out of the box. if you're sure that the LEOs in quebec don't use x band, you can turn it off. (i don't have a clue if they do or not). as far as Ka segmentation, if you're not sure which segments to turn off, don't mess with it. You could probably turn RDR off and get a little extra range. i have mine off in VA because i don't have any other radar detectors around my area to set off false alerts. i'm going to assume that there are not many in your area either.

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    Default Re: Band segmentation ? STIR in Quebec



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