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    Default Sti Driver not workig too well

    Hi All..
    Ive noticed that my STI Driver doesnt pick up the newer radar detectors..Ive noticed that the South Australian Goverment has got a newer car mounted, stationary radar detector..
    Ive been through a couple and no detection...I thought they never turned them on..But I seen one on the side road today..Drove by both ways and it didnt register until I was right on it..The signal was weak..K3...and lost it real quick.
    My question is...Is there a newer radar that the bad guys are using?
    If can I get my STI Driver recalibrated to pick up their signals..
    Please help..anyone?

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    Default Re: Sti Driver not workig too well

    Sounds like something is wrong with your RD. Best thing to do is send it in to your nearest Bel dealer.



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